Montgomery Mill- Windsor Locks Update

Hot and Steamy

When it boils down to it, Haz-Pros has it covered.

Cabin Fever

From the ceiling to the ground, paint covered the wood panels. Blasting it all away, the workers at Haz-Pros, Inc. took care of it!

Stone Cold

Blasting the lead away from the concrete pillars.

A Day Out On The Field

The Crew took a trip to Windsor Locks to see the outcome of the Montgomery Mill Project. AND oh boy, we were impressed!

David Lazaro from Keith Construction toured us around the mill and we were happy that the workers were doing an excellent job. The Haz-Pros, Inc. crew members have been working hard on this project since January and it is coming along great.

With only a few more weeks left until we leave the job site, we are more than happy that we are almost done completing our portion of the job.  It has been great working with Keith Construction.

Haz Pros Inc Guys
Keith Construction And Hazpros
Clayton Kilbourn, President of Haz-Pros, Inc., and David Lazaro from Keith Construction