Tool Time

Tooling up

With spring coming along  and more projects being added to the work list…we added some pretty cool tools to our tool shed. It is always fun to get new machines. It’s like Santa came early this year!
Last week arrived our new Onfloor 30Pro which is a multi-surface 30inch concrete floor grinder/polisher machine.  With this multi-surface machine, we can provide services like sanding wood, grinding concrete, polishing concrete, and remove any type of coating and/or adhesive.  The 30Pro provides a Spirograph pattern on the floor that is made from the triple-belt planetary technology in the machine. More than 1500 square feet per hour of concrete can be prepared which will make work fast and easy. We are happy that we got the machine to increase productivity and lower the cost of projects to benefit our customers.


OnFloor 30Pro Machine

Life gets even better when you’re working for Haz-Pros. Not only did we get one brand new machine… but we got TWO! The 5700 National Scraper is a key tool for concrete surface preparation. You can work a whole eight hour shift on the machine and not worry about having to use an electric cord!

5700 National Scraper Machine
We can’t wait to test these bad boys out!