Soaking Up The Sun

Florida Bound

Connecticut forecast changes constantly but the State still hasn’t seen much sunshine. Why wait for the summer sunshine when you can go chase it?! Our Office Manager, Lorena, cruised her way to the Sunshine State with her family for a memorable family vacation. Vacations are much needed, especially for our office helpers, Lucas and Sophia, who are the core leaders when it comes down to handling business. 

Fun in the SUn!

After a long drive down to Florida, The Robsons, were ready to let the fun begin. First stop- DISNEY WORLD! By the looks from it, you can tell they enjoyed and had a blast at Disney. Who wouldn’t? It’s MAGICAL! 

Family On The Air Boat HazPros

To add another check to the Robson’s Adventure List, the family rode on an air boat at Wild Florida and seen alligators and other wildlife animals. The kids touched baby alligators and we are sure they will remember that experience for a lifetime. 

3..2..1.. BLAST OFF!

The Robson Family went to the NASA Space Kennedy Center and witnessed a rocket launch from the beach. Nothing cooler than learning about outer space, astronauts, stars, and maybe even ALIENS too…. 


Family At NASA HazPros

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